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Procurement Policies

The procurement of project materials, equipment and services is of vital importance to the successful development of the new plant and company. Capital expenditure on the project.


Qatalum Procurement activities are carried out in a manner that ensure adherence to world class practices. The guiding principles of these activities lies in promoting open competition wherever possible while being a good corporate citizen caring for the local community.

The principles are setting the standards and defining the framework for conducting the procurement activities. These principles are briefly described below:

Promote competition

Competition among suppliers is actively promoted. Procurement activities are based upon free and fair competition among qualified suppliers and contractors. All participating suppliers and contractors are treated equally and with respect. Participation from local Qatari vendors is actively sought wherever possible.

Best value for money

All purchases are made on the principal of achieving best value for money.

Clarity, transparency and verification

All activities are performed in clear transparent manner and are verifiable.

Corporate Social Responsibility in the Supply Chain

All activities are performed ethically, considering human rights and other corporate social responsibility issues. These parameters are part of the supplier prequalification process, bid evaluation and contract execution.

HSE and Quality in the Supply Chain

Requirements with regard to HSE and Quality are given due priority and are an integrated part of the procurement process.

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement is actively encouraged in all procurement activities. All the suppliers and contractors are also encouraged to participate and contribute to continuous improvement within the entire supply chain.​