Offering a wide range of high quality casthouse products


Qatalum produces a wide range of primary aluminium products customized for the requirements and specifications of our global customer base. Qatalum’s Casthouse is fitted out with state-of-the-art machinery to produce homogenized extrusion ingot (billets) and primary foundry alloys (PFA) as value added primary aluminium products in addition to LME registered standard ingots. Our operations cater to the needs of local and international customers across various sectors including infrastructure, automotive, industrial and electrical.


Qatalum’s high-quality cast house products are the result of well-developed technology and operational excellence. Our total production capacity is 660,000 tons per year of which extrusion ingots amount to 350,000 tons per year and primary foundry alloys equal approximately 310,000 tons per year. Qatalum is IATF 16949 certified supply to the automotive sector which demands precision operations in both operating procedures and product quality control.

Foundry Alloys

Extrusion ingots

Standard Ingots


Qatalum produces a wide range of high quality primary aluminium products made in Qatar for customers around the world. With presence in the industry since 2009, Qatalum offers world class capability, knowledge and aluminium experience to the customers and industry participants.

Qatalum works closely with Hydro Technology experts to ensure consistent high quality primary metal and low levels of impurities.

Together with Hydro’s Marketing team, Qatalum provides exceptional tailor-made products, logistics and customer technical services to international and local customers.

Marketing & Sales Team

Saeed Al-Marri

Marketing and Sales Manager
Tel: +974 4403 1331

Somsuvra Das

Simon Flower

Customer Technical Service Engineer
Tel: +974 44031658

johnson Joy

Metal Management Planner
Tel: +974 44031336


Qatalum’s Logistics Department is focused on maintaining precision and efficiency in handling products and shipments, ensuring on-time delivery both internally and globally, and achieving high levels of customer satisfaction through effective coordination and support of logistics operations. These objectives are centered around ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and timely delivery of outbound finished products, inbound shipments, spare parts, and other items.

The main objectives are:

Accuracy and Efficiency: Precise handling and management of products and shipments ensures a high level of accuracy and efficiency in the logistics operations.

On-Time Delivery: Ensures that finished products and inbound shipments reach their destinations promptly, both within the organization and globally to customers.

Customer Satisfaction: Collaboration with suppliers, carriers, and internal departments to ensure products are delivered on time, in good and sound condition, and in accordance with quality standards.

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Logistics Team

Jamal Al-Suwaidi

Husham Halim

Head of Distribution-Internal & External
Tel: +974 4403 1920

Mohammad Al-Maraghi

Head of Port and Internal Transport
Tel: +974 4403 1382