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Qatalum Celebrates Qatar National Sport Day

Qatalum Staff Celebrates Qatar National Sport Day by taking 47,500,000 Steps Towards a Healthy Lifestyle.

508-All winners

Qatalum Celebrates Qatar National Sport Day

In celebration of Qatar National Sport Day on 8 February 2022, Qatalum launched an exciting internal competition inviting all its employees to take part and adopt a healthier lifestyle. a more individual approach was adopted this year in the form of a walking challenge, where participants tracked their steps by using the Pacer app between 1st Feb and 10th Feb.

The challenge envisioned people walking as much as possible in the span of 10 days and keeping tabs on their progress. By stretching the activity over 10 days, the probability of adopting a more active lifestyle was greatly increased in comparison to a single day of sporting events, as the participants were motivated to keep up with walking daily. This especially holds true for everybody who was aiming for the three set goals, which also carried the chance of winning one of the attractive prizes including a MacBook Air, five electric scooters and five Fitbit watches. Taking 150,000 steps was approximately the equivalent of walking 114km; 120,000 steps approximately the equivalent of walking 91km; and 100,000 steps, approximately the equivalent of walking 76km.

In total, 400 employees participated and jointly took a whopping 47,500,000 steps, roughly translating to 36,200km, which is almost equivalent to circling the entire planet! The enthusiasm for the challenge is evident in the fact that on average each participant walked an admirable length of 90.5km or about 9.5km a day, which indeed is worthy of celebration. The 11 winners were randomly chosen through a raffle draw and were delighted to receive their splendid prizes. Although the greatest prize of them all was the fact each of them did a great job for getting and staying in shape, putting health first and foremost!

In addition to the walking challenge, Qatalum also organized a webinar titled “How to begin a healthy lifestyle starting on National Sport Day” led by Ms. Ghada Al Mousawi, a Qatari sport nutritionist (click the above hyperlink for the presentation). More than a hundred employees attended the presentation and walked away with a deeper understanding of the importance of nutrition and how to go about starting a healthier lifestyle.

Following on the heels of Qatalum’s canteen introducing a revamped menu for QND focusing on healthy meals, Qatalum is looking forward to adopting and maintaining a healthier and ultimately happier lives.

Congratulations to everybody that participated in the activities and may the sporting spirit stay with you and carry you onwards and upwards!


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